Kaizen, A Way to Combat Laziness and Form Good Habits

Kaizen is a way to form good habits as this can overcome laziness, and create a better well balanced life.

How many times have we all decided that there was something that we wanted to do, but very soon we gave up, from some form of exercise, meditation or some other goal or challenge.

Yet all too often we either don’t get started or give up within a few days, saying we are not ready yet, and tell yourself we will start it next week or even next year.

The reason why we give up so easily is because we try to achieve our goals too fast, and we soon get sick of the new responsibility, and we find it hard to break old habits and become very bored of trying, and we begin to procrastinate.

So how can we overcome this, and start to achieve our goals or dreams, believe or not this method can take just one minute a day to start with, which doesn’t put unwanted pressure on you.

This good habit former comes from Japan and is called Kaizen, or the one minute principle, the word itself comes in two parts.

Kai (change) and zen (wisdom). It won’t change your life straight away, but in time it will do, slowly but surely.

The new habit should occur as a result of your life experience and of reflection, and this method was invented by Massaaki Imai, and can be added not just to your business, but also in your personal life.

The basics of this method is that you should practice what you want to do for just a single minute, every day at the same time, and no more.

So even the laziest of us can do this for a small amount of time, because when we normally start something, we put pressure on ourselves.

By carrying out the task from anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour and soon give up, as you use vast amounts of energy, and leaves you exhausted.

To form new habits it can take just over two months, but once you start this principle and reach this two months, you will find it becomes easy, as it will be ingrained in your daily routine, the same as brushing your teeth or taking a daily shower.

Every time you do your new thing for a minute, you will feel you achieve a goal , and sense a small victory, hence will keep you motivated and positive.

You can increase your time in small increments, at your own pace, either increase just by a minute a week or 5 minutes, and eventually you will reach half an hour, and you will find you will have formed a good habit that you will look forward to doing, instead of feeling it is a chore.

Personally I used this technique for daily meditation, and now have doing this for over a year, proof it can work.

So I hope you will try this method out for yourselves, and brings you nearer to your goals or dreams.

Thanks you for your time reading this, and you try to use the Kaizen method to form new habits.


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