Benefits of Waking up Early

There are a lot of benefits to waking up early, from 5am to 6am, whatever suits your new lifestyle change.

Most people go to bed around 11pm and beyond, and this effects what time they rise out of bed, which is normally later than 7am.

The thought of getting up early put the fear in most people, but if you pass this stage, you will find that you will notice several benefits.

There are two ways you can start to do this, the first is to jump into the deep end and set your alarm for 5am, and get up.

You most likely will feel real groggy for the first day or two, but in time you will find it easier, and will look forward to going to bed early, knowing that you will have some valuable ‘me time’.

Soon you will feel the benefits of waking up early.

The second way to start getting up earlier, is to go to bed 20 mins earlier, and set your alarm 20 minutes earlier for the morning, and each day doing the same thing , until you get to the desired time for rising in the morning

1. Extra quality time
The first benefit you will find, is that you have a time boost, you will get an extra 3-4 hours extra to the day, believe me not all time is equal.

These hours in the morning are quality hours, as opposed to hours in the evening when you feel exhausted from the day. Especially after a hard day at work, and you won’t feel like doing much besides procrastinating in front of the TV.

2. Time to get fit
It is very hard to keep fit, you need to be consistent, how many time have you said you want or need to get fit, but when you get home from work.

This is the last thing you want to do, why should you, you’ve just had a tiring day at work, your motivation is drained and your hungry.

However if you rise early, this give you the time to do this, you have a fresh mind, then straight after have a healthy meal, which gives you a good start to the day, which in turn gives you a sense of achievement boosting your dopamine levels.

Personally I like to practice yoga or mindfulness meditation first thing, as it is so quiet, no traffic, no people about, I feel that this is my time and space, with the sounds of birds outside, very relaxing.

3. Creative time
How often do you spend time on your hobby or passion after work or at the end of the day? Do you really have the energy or inclination too, I don’t know about you, but I don’t.

You would rather watch TV, play video games or other consumption habits.

The morning is a very good time to spend on your hobby, as you will not get many, or even any distractions to disturb you.

You will have the time in the morning to do complex things, your mind is fresh and focused, and you will spend time on what is really important to you, your dreams and ambitions.

4. Me time
There are distractions everywhere later on in he day, TV, phones and people, they are stopping you from doing what you want to do.

I very much doubt that anyone will be ringing you first thing in the morning, no one in the same room trying to have a conversation with you, no background noise from the TV or radio, that someone else is listerning too or watching.

Most people are asleep at this time, so basically there is no one to disturb you, this is your valued quality time, so make the most of it, the normal world doesn’t run at 5am in the morning.

5. Creating good habits
The world as it is designed now, is not there to help you build good habits as you struggle to find time to be creative, as it is now, it makes you inconsistent.

Because if you try to create good habits in the evening, it is so tempting to give it a miss, as there is something to watch on TV, friends come round, you get phone calls or texts, and before you know it, it’s bedtime.

So habit forming is better to do in the morning, which gives you more consistency, which is needed to create new good habits, your free to spend you time on whatever you like.

You could set your time in the morning to specific areas of development, half an hour exerise, an hour for creation or hobbies, its up to you how you set your time.

Hope you find this post helpful, and come to realise the benefits of waking up early, and good luck on your new lifestyle.

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