How to Find your Passion in Life

Well the first thing you must do to find your passion in life is change where you get your dopamine from.

This is a chemical released by the brain to reward you, keep you motivated and give you pleasure.

In the past we had to acquire our dopamine the hard way, we had to physically go out and grow crops and hunt, if we didn’t we would starve to death.

It was instilled into us as a human species, that you had to do the hard work to survive, and to keep us motivated so that our brain was rewarded with dopamine.

We also had to build houses, make clothes by hand, make pottery, making art and many more tasks that required time to do, so our brains were flooded with dopamine.

Bad habits don’t help you to find your passion

It is so easy get a dopamine now, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your sofa, just binge watch some TV, which is a lot easier then going out hunting or doing the other things that required you to live.

Other easy dopamine sources include playing video games, gambling, smoking, drugs, sex, sugar cravings, surfing the web and porn to name a few.

Which as we all know, can become an addiction, as it is so easy to obtain in the modern world, its an instant hit.

However the differences between these sources of dopamine are that the easy sources of dopamine are consumption, and the ones that are take time to do, for example, art, pottery for example are sources of creation, these are what should become your passion.

Reduce consumption

So what you will need to do is get the majority of your dopamine from creation, and less from the consumption?

The first thing you do is to reduce the amount of dopamine you get from consumption, watch less TV, play less video games, eat less junk food and so forth, this forces you to get it from a form of creation.

So you maybe don’t yet know what creative passion you want to do, so what you will need to do is to expose yourself the old fashion way, just try something out.

If you don’t like it, try something else until you find out what you do like, while at the same time, keeping the forms of consumption low.

Below is a list of bad habits if done in excess (Consumption)

• Smoking

• Video game

• Sex

• Porn

• Drugs

• Alcohol

• Food

• Sweets

• Working

• Exercise

• Shopping

• Binge watching tv

A little list of hobbies and passions

• Enrichment hobbies that improve your mind

• Foreign language study

• Reading

• Writing

• Musical instruments

• Sports to burn off stress and get you fit

• Jogging

• Walking

• Yoga

• Bowling

• Football

• Social activities

• Cards

• Book club

• Dancing

• Volunteering

• Creative hobbies

• Embroidery

• Cross stitch

• Drawing

• Painting

• Pottery

• Knitting

• Collecting

• Antiques

• Decor

• Postcard

• Stamps

Good luck on finding your passion.

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