Mindful Awareness Practices

Mindful awareness practices can be incorporated into everyday life, to help you to enjoy the present moment.

Things that we all take for granted which we all do daily, can become less tedious.

How many times in the day do we rush to get things done, and not be in the ‘Now.’

We’re constantly thinking about what we have to do next when before we have even finished our present task.

What we need to do is just be present one task at a time, and start to enjoy the little things in life once more.

A great way to prepare yourself to become more mindfully aware to enjoy the little things in life, is to learn how to meditate.

Its not essential, however it does train your mind to become more focused and aware, by getting rid of the mind clutter.

Being mindfully aware is the art of slowing down and concentrating on one activity to instill calmness and focus.

Mindful Awareness Exercises

1. Ablutions
How many times when we wash ourselves and brush our teeth in the morning, do we think about the day ahead.

And not really take any notice what we are doing in the here and now.

Next time you get washed or take a shower, try to become aware how the water feels, how warm it is, feel it trickling down your body.

Notice how the soap feels on your skin, how your hands feel rubbing the soap in, the smell of the soap

Try to be aware of your senses, the smells, taste, sight, hearing and touch.

Just slow down the moment.

2. Tea meditation
Prepare your tea and drink your tea with mindfulness in the morning.

Again slow yourself down, pay attention to the sound of the kettle as it comes to the boil.

Watch the hot water come of the kettle and notice how the tea bag gets diluted by the water.

Watch, listen and smell every detail in the preparation of the tea.

Now mindfully drink your tea, notice how the cup feels on your hands.

Sip the tea rather than gulping it down, and notice the taste and temperature, just enjoy the moment.

3. Mindful Cooking
Preparing and cooking a meal at the end of the day might feel like a chore, especially when you rush it.

Slow down and do it with mindfulness, focus on the smells, taste and the feel of the ingredients.

Enjoy every detail in the preparation and the cooking of the meal, no matter how simple or complex.

4. Mindfully eat
After you have served your meal, eat with mindfulness.

Eat slowly and really taste your food, notice the textures of your food, and the smells that comes to your nose.

You have took your time to prepare your meal, so why rush to eat?

A good way to learn how to mindfully eat is to practice the raisin meditation.

5. Mindfully Wash the dishes
You’ve prepared your meal and eaten your meal mindfully, so now is the time to wash your pots and dishes the same.

Hopefully you will of notice that the main ingredients to becoming mindfully aware, is to slow down, and be aware of your senses.

So now when you wash up, again pay attention to how the soap suds feel on your hands.

Watch the soaps suds slide off the pots and pans, the temperature of the water, just be aware of all your senses while washing up.

6. Silence
Turn off all your gadgets, mobile phone, TV, computers and just sit in silence.

Just enjoy being here in the ‘Now’ with no distractions.

Look around you, what can you see? What can you smell? How long can you be silent for and do nothing?

This simple task is harder than it seems, but once mastered, become really relaxing and and rejuvenating experience.

7. In conclusion
The above advise shows you how to integrate mindful awareness into the everyday simple chores or activities.

But the main component is to basically slow down and use as many of your senses as you can, concentrating on one thing at a time.

From just walking somewhere, when in conversation, the ways we can add mindful awareness into our lives is endless.

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