Mindful Movement Meditation

The mindful movement meditation works well to clear your busy mind in preparation to meditate.

By focusing on the breath while doing some simple mindful movements you can synchronize your mind and body with breath and rhythm.

What happens when you do that, even after just a few minutes, is that you begin to pause and start to focus.

How to do the Mindful Movement Meditation Practice For Body And Mind

1. Start By Mindfully Standing
First stand in bare feet with your feet hip-width apart, with your knees unlocked, so that the legs can bend slightly.

With the feet more or less parallel to each other, allowing your arms to hang besides the body.

If you can keep your balance, keep your eyes shut if possible to get a better experience to prepare yourself with mindfulness.

2. Feel The Sensations In Your Body
Notice the sensations of your breath as you breathe in and out, notice the weight in your feet from the body.

Become mindful of the other areas of the body, that feel tense or uncomfortable, but do not try and relax them.

3. Move Your Arms Up And Down In Front Of You
When you feel ready, as you breathe in, raise your arms in front of you.

As you breathe out, lower your arms back down again, noticing the sensations in your arms and hands.

Repeat about ten times.

4. Raise Both Arms
On an in breath, slowly and mindfully raise your arms out to the side, parallel to the floor.

Breathe out, and then on the next breath in raise them, slowly until the hands are above the head.

While moving the arms, see if you can feel the sensations in the muscles, as you are working them.

As you breathe in and out freely at your own pace, continue to stretch upward, until the fingertips are pointing upwards.

Try to feel the sensations in the muscles and joints of your body as you are stretching.

Maintain this stretch for long as possible so that you feel discomfort.

When you are ready, on an out breath, lower yours arms as slowly as possible, until they are hanging besides the body.

As they are being lowered, be mindful to the sensations in the arms.

Repeat again if desired.

5. Alternating Arm Stretches
If you have your eyes shut, now is the time to open them.

In turn, mindfully stretch each arm upwards as if you were picking fruit from a tree, that’s just out of reach.

Allowing the opposite heal to the stretched arm to lift from the floor.

Feel the stretch through your entire body, from fingertip to the toes.

When you feel ready, let both arms rest besides the body, and close the eyes again.

Just breath here, tuning into how you feel.

6. Sideways Bends
Now put your hands on your hips, and allow your body to bend at the hips to one side, forming a curve to the body.

On an in breath come back to standing, then on an out breath bend to the opposite side.

It does not matter how far you bend your body.

But what does matter is you paying attention to the actual movement.

7. Rotate Your Shoulders
Now rotate your shoulders, as your arms dangle to the sides in one direction.

Pushing up to the ears, before drawing them back down again.

While doing this, let the breath be in unison to the movement one way or the other.

Rotate your shoulders smoothly, first in one direction, then change to the other.

Rest your arms by your side, and remain still for a while, and notice the sensations in your whole body.

8. Rotate Your Head
Drop your left ear towards your left shoulder. Then rotate your head round in front of you and then let your right ear move towards your right shoulder before going back into the center again.

After a few rotations in one direction, change the direction to the other, before coming to a halt, with the head upright and central.

Finally with the head upright and central, remain still for a while, and notice the sensations in your whole body.

Becoming mindful to the whole experience.

When you feel ready, move to the sitting position, to begin another form of meditation, as you now have prepared both body and mind.

The mindful movement meditation is best used before mindfulness meditation, as it prepares your body and mind.

What are the Benefits?

The mindful movement meditation is an effective way to reduce stress, and its physical effects on the body.

The psychological benefits include relaxation, better moods, more self awareness and better concentration.

The physical benefits of the mindful movement meditation or mindful yoga practices strengthen your body and increase flexibility.

Improves your balance, better coordination, improves reaction times, improves lung function, heightens cardiovascular conditioning and helps with weight loss.

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