Mindful Walking Meditation

The mindful walking meditation is another mindful exercise that can be incorporated into our daily lives.

It is an excellent way to clear the clutter in our minds, and find our focus.

When you mindfully walk we use all of our senses, touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing, that bring the attention to our surroundings.

The walking meditation is more than strolling around, we are training our mind to become more mindful.

How practice the mindful walking meditation

1. Find a place
First of all try to find a peaceful place to practice the walking meditation, where you won’t be disturbed.

This can be down a quiet country lane, but make sure you will not get in the way of other people.

Another reason to pick a relatively quiet place is because if anyone who is not familiar with the walking meditation might think it quite strange.

There is also the option of practicing indoors, as there is even less chance of getting disturbed.

You don’t need much space, just as long as you can make approximately 10-15 steps with no obstacles.

2. Start walking
Now you have found your location to practice the mindful walking meditation, walk 10-15 steps, and then pause.

Breathe here for as long as you like, then when you are ready, turn and walk the other way.

Continue this for the duration of the meditation, walking as slow as you can, to enrich the benefits.

3. Mindfulness as you walk
As you walk up and down your allocated area, be aware of the following:

• Notice how your body feels

• Be aware how your legs, feet and arms feel with every step you take.

•Notice how your feet feel as they contact the floor, and when they step off the floor.

• If you feel your mind is wandering, pay attention again to the movement of your body while walking

• Look around you, and try to notice the details around you.

• Are there any smells or aromas?

• Can you taste the air?

• Feel the solidity of the earth beneath your feet using the sense of touch.

• Just be aware of your surroundings using all 5 senses, and try to let your thoughts of anything else just float away.

Try to add the mindful walking meditation to your daily life, and discover what is around you.

When walking to school, work or to any destination, try to walk more mindfully, and be aware of your surroundings and your body movement.

The Benefits of Walking Mindfully

• It connects you to the environment, using all of our senses.

• Gets rid of brain fog, as your thoughts are interrupted by the changing scenery.

• Connects you to nature as you mindfully walk through parks, woods or the hillsides, which is good for your mind, body and soul.

• Helps you reconnect to your body, as you notice every little detail how you walk.

• Naturally slows you down, as you realise that the destination is not important, but the journey is.

• Improves concentration as you are distracted all the time using your five senses.

• Increase awareness.

• Helps you connect to the present moment.

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