How to Stop Sugar Addiction

Many of us eat too much sugar, in this post I will try to show you how to stop sugar addiction.

As you may of seen on a previous post of mine, why sugar addiction is bad for you, that you more chance of diabetes, increases inflammation, problems like heart disease, and other mental and physical problems, you may of decided to try and kick your sugar addiction.

We get addicted to sugar as it spikes our dopamine unnaturally high, and this will need to be addressed.

So if we decide that we want to improve our health, we have to Cut down our sugar intake, which in the modern world is a big problem for a lot of people.

The average person consumes over 100 lbs of sugar, and if you compare this to what people were eating 100 years ago, they are eating 26 times more.

So what we need to do is break this sugar addiction, which is really hard, as we are all use to eating a high carb diet, plus treats such as sweets and pop.

The problem with coming off sugar is that it is like a drug, similar to the effects of cocaine. So when you eat sugar it gives you a dopamine rush, so the more you eat it, your tolerance changes, and you just want more and more.

So when you do stop eating sugar, you are going to get headaches, you are going to get dizziness, feel shakey, feel absolutely fatigue and crash, but this will last a little over 4 days, but it will be worth it.

1. What sugars are you consuming?
Its not easy to give up a sugar addiction, so the first thing to do is identify which foods containing sugar you are eating, apart from the obvious ones of sweets, chocolate and pop.

Foods that contain sugar include carbohydrates, such as white pastas, white bread if consumed regularly and rice, these carbohydrates are breaking down as sugar, and they still cause the sugar addiction, so it goes on.

So we have to break down this cycle of eating excess carbs, if we want to kick the addiction, so look for other foods that contain fructose, corn syrup, dextrose and glucose. These are normally hidden in food, so you may be eating more sugar then you realise.

2. Balance you insulin levels
So when you first try and stop eating sugar, try replacing it with good alternatives, instead of pop try sparkling water. Instead of sweets try eating small portions of dark chocolate or natural fruits, such as apples and grapes.

Another good alternative to eat would be nuts, such as walnuts, almonds and brazil nuts, as these contain fats, and Szerotonin, which is good for your mood.

At first they do nothing for your taste buds, as you will still remember how good the sweets where, but after time they will be just as tasty as you retrain your taste buds.

You will also need to start eating a more healthy balance diet which contain good fats and moderate amounts of protein, increase our fiber intake. Because when you have sugar addiction you crave junk food all the time, and rarely eat a good wholesome meal, so its a lifestyle change for the better that balances your sugar and insulin levels.

3. Nutrient and vitamins
We need also nutrients this sugar addiction and make it as easy as possible, as they support glucose metabolism, also support insulin activity, and insulin sensitivity.

Try Using B complex, as it is not just about taking one particular B vitamin, its about taking them all, B1,2,3 and so on, and will really help.

Chromium is going to help with the impact that glucose has on your body.

Cinnamon is a very important in this process and balancing the glycemic impact, that meals have on your body

The next is antioxidants that also support the glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity and insulin activity, and that is green tea and alpha lipoic acid.

4. Healthy gut
When it comes to breaking sugar addiction, it is so important to look at the microbiota, referring to the ecosystem within the gut.

When we look at even diabetics for instance they have problems with their microbiota.

So when we go looking at reversing diabetes, we always look at gut health, but when we look at breaking sugar addiction, we also look at gut health because problems such as yeast overgrowth or pathogenic overgrowth is all leading to the same sugar addiction cycle.

The way we can work to break this sugar addiction , is by healing the gut health and gut lining and can also use things such as pro biopic strength. Pro biotic that is going to go in and help bring down those yeast levels, and bring down bad bacterial levels and support a good healthy micro biome within the gut.

I hope this guide explains how to give up sugar addiction, and you overcome your addiction

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