The  Raisin Meditation

You will need to set aside just five or ten minutes, to do the raisin meditation mindfulness exercise.

So make sure you won’t get disturbed by friends or family or your phone so you can concentrate fully.

You will need some raisins, also a piece of paper and a pen, to write down your feelings and reactions.

You will be eating the raisins (or any other dried fruit) in a mindful way, taking at least twenty seconds on the following stages, and then afterwards put your pen to paper.

Learning the raisin meditation increases mindfulness, and in future you will learn to appreciate your food a lot more.

How to do The Raisin Meditation

1. Holding and seeing
Take one of your raisins or fruit, place it in your hand, or between your fingers and thumb, really concentrate on it, as if you have never seen it before, look closer at its shape, its weight and does it cast a shadow?

Let your eyes explore every detail, the highlights where the light hits it, the nook and crannies, take your time.

2. Touching
Now roll your fruit about in the palm of your hand, and also roll it between you fingers, really explore its texture, change hands if you want.

3. Smelling
Now, put it under your nose, see what you notice every time you inhale, does it have noticable smell, ot nothing at all, just notice whatever the result and be aware.

4. Placing it in the mouth
Now lift your hand with the fruit towards your mouth, notice the bending of your arm to your mouth, be aware of how your arm knew what to do.

Now place it in the mouth, noticing how your tongue knew how to accept this gift, roll it around your mouth, but don’t chew, just explore for about thirty seconds.

5. Chewing
When you feel ready, start to chew, consciously notice the effects of chewing, notice its taste, notice how its texture on your teeth as you bite into it.

Continue to chew for a while, and be very aware of everything in your mouth, but don’t swallow yet.

6. Swallow
Try and notice the first signs that you want to swallow as it crops up in your mind, before the raisin is actually swallowed.

Notice how it feels in your mouth, and how the tongue prepares too, follow the sensations.

As you then swallow your raisin, consciously feel as it goes down to your stomach, if it take you longer to swallow, two or three attempts, notice this.

7. After-effects
After you have swallowed, notice how your tongue feels and what sensations are left over in your mouth, is there an aftertaste?

Do you feel the urge to eat another one?

What do it feel like now that the raisin has gone?

Now write down all the things that you experienced while doing this raisin meditation, and I hope you will of learnt something from this as I did.

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